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Protect Rent Control. Every time we think rent stabilization is safely established in Mountain View, a new obstacle arises. This fall’s Council election poses a new threat, due to the increase in apartment vacancies. A loophole in Measure V allows for the RHC to suspent rent control when the vacancy rate exceeds 5%. Suspending the provisions of Measure V could seriously hurt those Mountain View tenants who are hanging on, despite the pandemic and recession. Rents are down right now, but they are likely to jump back up once the pandemic ends. Without Measure V remaining in force, landlords would again be able to charge what the market bears. And everyone knows what that means!

"Safe streets for all" is misleading and elitist. The proponents of Measure C are using the slogan, “Safe streets for all.” It’s misleading and elitist. It’s misleading because most motorhome residents park on streets that don’t have driveways or cross traffic. Think Crisanto along the tracks, Wentworth along Central Expressway, and Continental Circle along Highway 85.

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