Mountain View Voice endorsementOct. 9, 2020 — "Former Councilman Lenny Siegel has long been a force for good in Mountain View, from his decades of environmental work on cleaning up the city's multiple Superfund sites to his efforts to increase housing and protect renters. Unfairly painted as a radical in some circles, he may have the background of a classic '60s activist but his nearly 50 years as a city resident reveal a far more nuanced portrait. Siegel combines a strong moral compass with a collaborative approach to problem-solving and a pragmatism born of years of working with federal agencies and local governments. He's not shy about taking up unpopular causes, but more often than not, he's been on the right side of history. We think he deserves another term on the City Council."

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I am a Mountain View resident, and I endorse Lenny Siegel for City Council. He has an outstanding track record of working for the needs of all Mountain View residents, including renters and homeless neighbors. He is committed to climate action along with a healthy economy. As Mayor, he led the City with diplomacy and vision. We need Lenny back on the Council! —Marianna Grossman

I am a strong supporter of Lenny Siegel!! When he served on City Council in the past, he was consistently deeply thoughtful about the issues and the people involved; incredibly responsive; and impressively willing to stand up for what was in the best interest of the people who live and work in our community. He definitely gets my vote!! —Judith Gable

I have known Lenny for over thirty years and have witnessed his unrelenting and selfless dedication to the well-being of the community. He brings an extraordinarily high level of intelligence and expertise to the job. —Ronnie Falcao

Lenny Siegel is a resilient voice and leader we all need now, more than ever, embodying “truth to power” since his days as a student at Stanford University protesting the Vietnam War. —Karen Saltzman

Yes, we are lucky to have Lenny in Mountain View and need his vigilance at the helm of the city council. Forward with Lenny!!! What a wonderful list of accomplishments and how lucky we will be to have Lenny back at the helm of the city council. I am encouraging EVERYONE I know to vote for Lenny! —Barbara Goodwin

Lenny cares deeply about Mountain View and blends strong ideals along with a practical reality of getting things done. He strives to improve our city and the people who live in it. —Jeral Poskey

Lenny Siegel has extensive leadership experience as an insightful progressive with a historic grasp of Bay Area regional development and the Mountain View community. Having known Lenny for 50 years, I know he is consistently inspired by compassion and a desire for social justice. He believes the character of the Mountain View community is enhanced by diversity and the preservation of an inclusive community. As a MVHS educator, I am grateful for his advocacy for the MV homeless, mobile home dwellers, low-income families, as well as the economically secure. —Leslie Nassan King

I endorse Lenny Siegel because he stands for what I believe in. —Sheryl Stark

Lenny Siegel has been a clear and consistent voice for protecting our environment, increasing our supply of affordable housing, and defending our most vulnerable residents for decades. Now more than ever, we need his presence on City Council to ensure that Mountain View remains a safe and welcoming place for all members of our community. —Michael Kahan

Mr. Siegel has proven time and again that he is dedicated to helping every member of the Mountain View community at several levels. As a councilmember, community organizer, and individual, Mr. Siegel has fought for the rights of all Mountain View citizens, including those whose needs are often ignored. He will bring a progressive, well-informed voice to the City Council, and he will fight to achieve the change that Mountain View needs. I am happy to endorse Lenny Siegel for Mountain View City Council. —Gautam Iyer

Lenny has been an advocate for Mountain View since the 1970's. He is recognized locally, nationally, and globally as an environmental activist, and has been instrumental in helping people to understand about Superfund sites. In 2011 Lenny received an award for Excellence in Community Involvement from the EPA. The saving of historical Hangar One can be traced to Lenny's "Save Hangar One" organization, which united people from many viewpoints to organize to save the historic hangar. When Lenny founded Mountain View Voices for Peace he again provided an organization which galvanized people to march for peace and be heard. Lenny's passion for affordable housing, along with his vision of a balanced Mountain View with a diverse population, is very needed now in this time of division. —Jane Horton

For over 20 years, we have followed Lenny Siegel’s relentless efforts to help Mountain View residents, both as a community organizer and as an elected official to the city council. His thoughtful and progressive views are urgently needed to maintain Mountain View’s diversity. —Farukh and Rashida Basrai

Lenny has long been a strong voice for protecting our environment, particularly where hazards exist due to historical waste disposal practices by various industries in our city. He has also stood behind those most in need in our community such as those facing challenges due to increasingly unaffordable housing. I feel I can count on Lenny to do the right thing as a councilmember, both ethically and morally. I proudly endorse his candidacy during his run for City Council in 2020. —Bruce England

Lenny has championed the cause of affordable housing for households of all income levels in Mountain View, and he has worked to nurture the wonderful diversity that for many years has made our city a great community in which to live. —John Keen

He’s honest, hard-working and dedicated to policies that help ensure a more balanced Mountain View. —Betsy Collard

I'm voting for former Mayor Lenny Siegel for City Council this November 3rd because of what he and the Council accomplished to address the housing crisis during his previous council term, and because of his proven ability as a community organizer, a seat on the next Council will enable him to continue to represent all members of our diverse community. During the last four years, progress on addressing the lack of affordable housing has stalled and must be re-energized, and vulnerable populations have been under attack. Getting Lenny back on the Council is an absolute necessity to move Mountain View in a direction that benefits us all. —Bob Kirby

I am a true believer in "actions speak louder than words." I have seen Lenny do and act on his conviction and defend the most vulnerable in the city. When in the rare time we have not agreed, he has expressed his reason and they all have been rooted in his honesty, character, knowledge and experience. For these reasons, I am proud to endorse Lenny Siegel for 2020 City Council. —Guadalupe Rosas

Lenny Siegel has worked tirelessly to address the high cost of housing, which has forced long-time residents to leave the area, despite having jobs and children in school, has made some leave their rental units to  live in their cars or vans because of ever-increasing rents, and discouraged new people from settling here. People with local jobs worsen freeway congestion when they have to commute from distant communities where housing is more affordable. Lenny has supported efforts to prevent developers from demolishing the few remaining medium-priced apartment complexes in order to erect “luxury condos” selling in the millions. He has concrete, workable plans that will make a difference and help Mountain View maintain our cherished diversity —Susan Barkan

Lenny Siegel has strong views on many issues, views he is willing to stand up for while serving on a city council. His focus is the plights of ordinary people and civil rights. Over my past 35+ years in Mountain View, I've seen Lenny organize or actively take active part in every peaceful demonstration I’ve attended! He has helped huge groups of us come out in force, to express our opinions and protest injustice. He is one of a group of people I consider to be the Conscience of Mountain View, and in my opinion, he should definitely be (re-)elected to our city council. —Barbara Saxton